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Window Cleaning Services

Your busy life doesn't always leave time for thoroughly cleaning your house from top to bottom every week—or even every month. Window cleaning is possibly one of those tasks that you have trouble getting to do regularly. You might see those smudges on the windows, but you are busy and time slips away, and another day passes with dirty windows throughout your house. With Merry Maids, you can see clearly through your windows again!

We are a professional domestic cleaning company that offers specialty cleaning services designed to ensure the beauty of your home is well kept. Our window cleaning services will ensure that your home sparkle both inside and out. With 40 years of experience, we can be estimated with the techniques to leave a streak-free shine in your home.

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The Clean Window Difference

A variety of other factors play a role into why your windows might get so dirty. Perhaps you have young children who are prone to putting their hands on low-lying windows or dogs who like to sit at the window and bark—or maybe both. If you can find time to clean your windows and remain unimpressed by their appearance, you might not have the right tools on hand to thoroughly clean them. Since so many factors contribute to your dirty windows, establishing a regular cleaning schedule for your windows by Merry Maids puts you one step closer to living in a clean home.

Ready for Every Window in Your Home

If you have windows that do not shine like they used to, Merry Maids is here to help. We shall carefully wash the inside windows in your home, top to bottom, and take care of those hard-to-reach spots for you. We have the proven processes and thorough procedures that will help life shine through.

Merry Maids understands that your life is busy and that detail cleaning tasks can be challenging to fit into your schedule. Let us pick up those hard-to-complete tasks like window cleaning so that you can enjoy your time with your loved ones.

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Merry Maids Professional Cleaning Kits

Include Multi Surface Solution (500ml), Soap Scum Solution (240ml), Toilet Solution (500ml), Greaseaway (500ml), 3 Cleaning Clothes (red, blue & white).
Include Multi Surface Solution (500ml), Soap Scum Solution (240ml), Toilet Solution (500ml), Greaseaway (500ml), Lemon Oil (240ml), Heavy Build Up Solution (500ml), Floor Cleaner (240ml) , Special Tile / Glass Cleaner (500ml), 3 Cleaning Clothes (red, blue & white).

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